June 28, 2005

Navy Seal Lt Michael P. Murphy and Operation Red Wings

 Lt Michael P Murphy

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Lt Navy Seal Michael P Murphy

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We Honor the memory of this Local Hero


LT Murphy deployed to Afghanistan in April 2005. He was the leader of a four-man SEAL squad that secretly infiltrated into the 9,000 foot Hindu-Kush mountains along the Pakistan border on June 27th. The team was conducting a sensitive mission to capture or kill high-value Taliban target Ahmad Shah, known
as Ismail, when ambushed by overwhelming Taliban forces. A fierce fight ensued.
For about 45 minutes, the men fought on, as ammunition ran low. Three SEALs were wounded by gunfire or rocket- propelled grenades. One screamed, “I’m hit!” Murphy yelled back, “We’re all hit! Keep moving!”
LT Murphy climbed to higher ground and into the open to make an electronic call for help. Despite his severe wounds, he completed the call and continued fighting, exhorting his men to escape while he held off their attackers.
A Quick Reaction Force immediately mobilized in a daring daytime mission to reinforce the SEAL squad.
Eight Navy SEALs and eight Army Night Stalker commandos perished when their MH-47 helicopter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and crashed.
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